Current Sermon Series


Here are some of the events coming up at GCB.  If you'd like more details, please contact our minister, Ray Brown!  

Kids Holiday Club


This year our Kids holiday club theme is "Happy Meals".

We're going to discover all the wonderful meals Jesus had; from the feeding of the 5000 to the last supper.

There will be fun crafts, crazy games, super stories and a little bit of singing just to get the party started.

Please come along with lots of other kids to learn new stories and round off your Summer holidays with a bang.

Wednesday 28th August to Friday 30th August. 

10am - 12pm

Crofton Park Baptist Church Hall, SE4 1EA 

Register your interest by emailing Chris at

Summer Focus - Living Christianity

Do some areas of your life seem very obviously ‘Christian’, while in others your faith seems a lot less relevant? If so, you’re not alone. Many Christians find it hard to see the everyday relevance of their beliefs beyond personal devotions, church life and evangelism.

But God never intended us to compartmentalise our lives like this. As Christians, we’re called to live out our faith in Jesus in everything we do.

Over the summer holidays we are meeting every Wednesday to look at christian living in different contexts, such as within society, at work, or from the point of view of citizenship.  Each week is a stand-alone session, so come to whichever ones you can.  8pm at Dave and Pauline's home, Wednesday evenings from 24 July to 28 August.