Partnering together to know Jesus
and to make Him known

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups are a great way to get to know one another at Grace Church Brockley, typically groups of 6-10 people meet together in the week (normally a Tuesday/ Wednesday or Thursday evening depending on the group). We meet to pray together, and to read and study the bible. We encourage all those coming to Grace Church Brockley on a regular basis to commit to a fellowship group to deepen friendships, encourage one another and share each others burdens.

What we are reading at the moment...

We're currently looking at how to read the bible one-2-one.
Watch this film for a great overview of the importance and privilege of reading the bible with a friend.

GCB members will be able to download the study notes from the LEARN menu of our website or by clicking here: Leading 1:1 Bible Studies. Please log in to the website first to be able to access this resource.

Group leaders can access the leaders' notes from the MEMBERS menu/Cloud files .