Partnering together to know Jesus
and to make Him known

Remi and Rosemary Adedire

Training for the ministry at Grace Church Brockley

Remi and Rosemary are regular members of Grace Church Brockley, helping out with youth work and 1:1 Bible Studies.  Remi is studying on the Cornhill Training Course 2 days a week, learning the content and meaning of a wide range of Books from the Bible in order to be able to teach them to others in the future.  He's been involved in Sunday preaching and helps to lead one of the church's fellowship groups.  

In the near future, Grace Church Brockley is planning to help plant a new Bible-focused church in the Catford Area and Remi and Rosemary are involved in much of the preparation work, including an after school club, prayer group and Sunday bite-size evangelistic talks.   God willing, Remi will take on one of the leadership roles of the new church once it launches. 

Their latest prayer letter is available to GCB members by clicking here: Prayer Letters