Summer Focus

As many people are away on holiday at various times during the summer, we join all our fellowship groups together to do a Summer Focus.

This summer we'll be looking at J.John's Just 10 series

J.John presents the Ten Commandments in a positive light showing that, far from being a set of rules to restrict us, they are the key to finding a framework for life.

Join us on Wednesday nights at 8pm from 22nd July to 26th August.

Venue: Crofton Park Baptist Church Hall

What will be covered in the series?

In just10, J John unpacks and expands on words that have been shared for millennia, providing a culturally relevant, practical application for modern lives. He cleverly tackles the Ten Commandments in reverse order culminating with number 1.

10. Find True Contentment – “You shall not covet.”
9. Hold To Truth – “You shall not lie.”
8. Prosper With A Clear Conscience – “You shall not steal.”
7. Affair-Proof Our Relationships – “You shall not commit adultery.”
6. Manage Your Anger – “You shall not murder.”
5. Keep The Peace With Your Parents – “Honour Your Mother and Father.”
4. Catch Your Breath – “Remember God’s day of rest.”
3. Take God Seriously – “You shall not misuse God’s Name.”
2. Know God – “You shall not make idols.”
1. Live By Priorities – “You shall have no other Gods.”