Partnership at GCB

    This web-page gives a brief introduction to partnership at GCB. Please take a look through our 'GCB Partnership booklet' as well when you are considering partnership. 

    imageGCB Partnership booklet - Sept 2019 final.pdfimageGCB partnership roll form - May 2018.pdfimageDefining some of our terms - Feb 2017.pdf

    What does a partner at GCB look like?

    One who strives to be a prayer warrior

    A relationship builder

    One who shares in our verbal witness

    A person who invites outsiders into our community

    A regular participator in small groups

    Someone who loves others by serving them

    A good steward and giver of financial resources

    What can partners expect of GCB leaders?

    Godly in Character: to endeavour to meet, to the best of their ability, the Bible's criteria for elders.

    Seeking your spiritual wellbeing: to care for each church partner and to seek their growth in maturity as a disciple of Jesus Christ, by equipping them for service and praying for them, particularly when sick or in need.

    Seeking only what is good: to seek the best for the church community as they study Scriptures and walk in step with the Holy Spirit.

    Providing faithful teaching: to provide teaching, counsel and examples that are faithful to the whole of Scripture.

    Guarding against falsehood: to guard and protect the church family, as best they can, from false teaching.

    Lovingly carry out church discipline: to exercise church discipline as appropriate, being devoted to the spiritual wellbeing of all in the church family.

    Christ-like servant leaders: to lay down their lives in service of others, motivated by love, humility and the example of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

    More Information?

    If you would like to speak to someone about becoming a partner, please contact our minister, , who would be very happy to discuss partnership with you.