The best way to find out about the Christian faith is by reading the Bible.  We believe the Bible is one unified story that leads to Jesus. Reading the Bible with another person is a great way to explore what God is saying, who Jesus is, what He did and why it matters so much.

Interested in reading the Bible with another person?  We love reading the Bible with people and have a team of people ready and eager to read with you. Please email our minister Ray Brown who will be able to connect you with the right person (if it's not Ray himself). 

Here is a quick overview of the Bible from The Bible Project (we are big fans of their work!).


From time to time we also run Christianity Explored courses where you can ask questions as we work through the story of Jesus' life in Mark's Gospel. Please email Ray Brown if you're interested in coming to one of our courses. 

Or maybe you'd prefer to read through a booklet that explains what Christians believe and why? Click here for more information.

We'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch.