Remi and Rosemary Adedire

Church Planting in Catford

Remi is the Co-Pastor of New Life Church Catford (NLCC).  After studying at Spurgeon's College, he served as Pastoral Assistant at Crofton Park Baptist Church.  He then spent two years at Grace Church Brockley as a Ministry Trainee while studying at Cornhill.  Remi was then sent by Grace Church Brockley, a partner church to NLCC, to co-lead the new church plant in Catford. 

Remi became a Christian as a young adult. He is married to Rosemary and they enjoy cooking together and looking after their lively young son. To relax, Remi enjoys reading, listening to music, watching superhero films, knowing that there is one real Superhero who saves the world: Jesus Christ

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