Terry and Hanka

Serving with Josiah Venture in Central and Eastern Europe

Terry and Hanka live in Ostrava in the Czech Republic with their two children.  Terry grew up in England, moving to Ostrava in his 20's, where he started the first mission-focused youth choirs. A few years later, he and Hanka joined the missionary organisation, Josiah Ventures, to expand this outreach. The 'Fusion' choirs have been hugely popular, teaching young people rock/gospel songs and sharing the gospel during the rehearsals.  Terry and Hanka have enjoyed training up new choir leaders across Eastern Europe and watching many young people come to faith in Jesus.  

Terry current role is a strategic one, planning and implementing leader training for Josiah Ventures and Hanka is a full time secondary school teacher. They have recently helped plant a local church, and continue growing the next generation of young disciples.  You can read more about Terry and Hanka and about Josiah Ventures here: link

If you would like to receive Terry and Hanka's prayer letters please speak to Ray Brown.