In a challenging and changing time in their lives we want to encourage our teenagers to build their lives on truths of the Bible and to develop their own relationship with Jesus. We want our young people to feel part of a group of friends who encourage them to stay strong in their faith and to step out in showing Jesus to their friends. Whether they come from a church-going family or not, all young people will find our groups warm and friendly.

Onyx Schools years 7-9

Sundays.  For some weeks, we join the main Sunday service for 20 minutes or so, then leave for a separate youth meeting where we read and discuss a Bible passage, think about how it impacts our lives, then pray for one another.  Other weeks we stay in the main Sunday service. 

In term time after the service we stay for for food and friendship from 6:30 to 8pm. You can ask your difficult questions, discuss Christianity and will be invited to pray for one another. Expect lots of games and laughter.

Onyx Socials.  Each month we join with CIA for an evening of activities and fun - maybe ice skating, print-making, Nerf wars or crazy games. There's a short Bible talk and time to ask questions. Socials are a fantastic opportunity to introduce a friend to Grace Church Brockley. It's having fun together and provides a first opportunity to grapple with some of the claims of Jesus.

Summer Camp Beachwood (CPAS Venture camp) is a week's holiday for 11-14s and fun-packed with activities, laughs, Bible, energy, friends, games, tunes, questions, adventure, food, teams, Jesus and memories! Our Church sends leaders to help on this camp.

CIA - School Years 10-13

Sundays. We join the main Sunday service each week and then stay afterwards for games, discussion, food and friendship from 6:30 to 8pm. This is the time to ask difficult questions, explore what the Bible teaches us, encourage one another and pray together. 

CIA Socials. Each month we join with Onyx for an evening of activities and fun - see the section above for a taste of what to expect.

Summer Camp Sparkford 2 (CPAS Venture camp) is a week's holiday for 14-18s. To see the video about what happens click here:  link